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  • Leah Barrett

My life as an Introvert; Living from the Inside Out.


You know you have introvert tendencies if you look at this photo and then give an understanding nod.

So, I hear that calling yourself an Introvert is all the rage now. Susan Cain’s book Quiet and her TED talk have certainly brought more attention to us internal types. She’s not the only one who has raised our cause to the extroverted world. With this new found publicity, I thought I would notice a cultural shift. You know, introverts would feel more understood. Maybe even sought for their unique qualities. Ok, ok I get it. Don’t expect cultural shift overnight. But, a girl can hope, right?

So, instead, I’ve decided to take part in pushing that cultural shift along. I’ll write about my experiences as an introvert with the hopes that maybe I can help shed some light on our much misunderstood state of being.

What I really hope for in being so transparent about my experiences of being introverted is that these stories of awareness of self inspire others to relax into just being their lovely, quirky, one-of-a-kind selves.  As a therapist, it’s mostly what I do with people; help them find the confidence to  “just be”. It really is the “secret” to a content life.

So, stay tuned. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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